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    AKUZAWA en France les 14 et 15 avril 2007

    Développement de la puissance et application
    Séminaire de Akuzawa "Ark" Minoru Sensei

    les 14-15 avril 2007
    10H30- 17H30

    Contact Edward Hines
    +33 (0)6 80 28 86 39

    The development of an integrated physical structure and the ability to spontaneously apply the power it generates in a free form manner is the practical goal of internal martial arts training. This goal was exemplified by Aikido founder Morhihei Ueshiba. Akuzawa Minoru is a contemporary practitioner who has focused his training on acquiring and developing the sophisticated body skills associated with this goal.

    Akuzawa Sensei's Bodyskill comes through various Koryu teachers, unknown to most within the Japanese community, and Yukiyoshi Sagawa. Sagawa was a fellow student of Morihei Ueshiba under Sokaku Takeda. Within Daito Ryu, he is considered to be the student who exemplified the transmission of Sokaku Takeda's Aiki.

    This will be Akuzawa Sensei's third seminar outside of Japan, and it is a rare opportunity to encounter the remarkable internal training techniques employed in Japanese Koryu. In two days, Akuzawa Sensei will present a set of effective training exercises, and will demonstrate the results of their practice. Participants will be invited to test his ability to manifest extraordinary internal strength in a variety of startling demonstrations, including martial application. Akuzawa Sensei will cover the practical and theoretical aspects of aligning and conditioning the body to generate and apply internal strength, focusing on both structure and dynamics.

    Day One: Frame
    • Solo exercises designed to explicitly create understanding and strengthen the bodies’ martial frame covered in last years seminar will be reviewed. People new to the exercises will also be accommodated. No previous experience necessary.

    • New solo exercises not covered in the last seminar will be introduced to bring an alternate and deeper perspective on how to train and strengthen the body in a martial context.

    • Additional solo exercises done with the staff will be reviewed from last year, and some new methods using the wall may be introduced in order to further correct the bodies frame as well as increase the difficulty of the solo exercises. Partner staff training may also be introduced.

    • New partner exercises to strengthen Martial frame and develop martial body skill will be introduced.

    • Guide participants on how to train and develop efficient, seemingly effortless yet destructive force through a unified body. Emphasizing how “power” is NOT used.

    • Akuzawa Sensei's unique 'nyu-ryoku' method to affect an opponent without the use of power or technique - developed through kneeling and standing exercises that he received from Sagawa Sensei will again be covered and reviewed.

    Day Two:

    Review of Frame
    • Exercises from the previous day will be reviewed, with further corrections being given to participants in preparation for the following section.

    • Paired exercises for applying forces developed alone in a moving situation.

    • Explanation and exercises designed to integrate Akuzawa’s interpretation of hard and soft manipulation within the body.

    • For those interested, ring (gloved) applications of the skills being developed will be shown. The transition from developing to using Martial Skill will also be elaborated. Gloved and Mitt exercises will be introduced for interested participants, and the difference between striking using “normal” strength and “martial” body skill will be demonstrated as well as worked on.

    • Explanation of how all the previous material applies to free fighting

    Cost: €85/day €150 for the weekend

    We have a maximum of 30 places. Be a martial artist and act fast, or the opening will be gone. Don’t let life will kick your ass. Contact me for registration details.

    Clothing: Loose clothing, no ninja/samurai costumes (even if you like wearing them). We will laugh at silk pyjamas too.

    Location: Maison du Taiji, 57 Rue Jules Ferry, 91370 Bagnolet (just on the East edge of Paris)

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    La Maison du Taiji, the Taiji Home - 57 rue Jules Ferry 93170 Bagnolet FRANCE